Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) helps to assess a patient's fitness for major surgery. We only use this test if we think you might have an increased risk with surgery.

The test combines other individual tests that look at heart, lung and muscle to see how these systems together respond to exercise. This gives us a better prediction of risk around your operation, anaesthetic and recovery. CPET gives us more information than the individual heart and lung tests do and with the results we can prepare you and the care you need from us, much better.

During the test you will be required to perform mild exercise on a stationary bicycle. Whilst exercising each breath will be measured to assess how the body is performing via a face mask. Your heart and lungs will be closely monitored throughout the test.

The CPET test will take around 30 minutes, however you will only be required to exercise for approximately ten minutes. You will not be required to exert yourself to maximum effort. You should continue your regular medication and do not have caffeine drinks for four hours before the test. Comfortable clothing such as walking shoes/trainers and loose trousers are ideal.

The risks associated with the tests are the same as those associated with mild to moderate exercise. You will be monitored closely throughout the test via ECG, blood pressure and oxygen levels. There will always be a member of the anaesthetic team present throughout the test and we will stop the test if you develop any symptoms or feel unwell.

It will take a few days before all the test results are analysed.

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