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Posted on Thu, 11/07/2019 by Ami Jackson

In our latest blog Ami Jackson explains how the NHS in Gateshead is supporting the nursing teams of the future.

My Name is Ami Jackson I’m the practice placement facilitator (PPF) at QE Gateshead. My role is to support students and mentors in practice to ensure the delivery of high quality education. I work in collaboration with our Allied Health Professional leads and Higher Education institutions across the region to provide placements within the NHS.

When I started writing this blog I thought where do I begin? I’m a complete novice where blogs are concerned, but then I realised I could just talk about my own career journey.

Getting started

When I started my career in nursing 16 years ago as a cadet, I knew at that moment my passion was education - I loved to learn, support and teach others. I have worked in stroke rehab, acute elderly medicine, intensive care, trauma and orthopedics. My nurse training was an amazing experience, I looked forward to everyday bringing something different. It was an intensive four years of training, but it was worth every minute.

If you had told me by the age of 28 I would be a ward sister and by the age of 32 be a practice placement facilitator I would not have believed you. Well… I am and I have to say this is a point in my career I didn’t think would arrive quite yet.

How did I get here?

I took every opportunity I could to develop my skills and sought out extended training opportunities whether that be ward-based or other courses at university.

Challenging myself with new experiences & moving around different specialties in nursing gave me a greater appreciation of the complex system we work in every day.

Did everything come easily to me?

Definitely not, I always pushed myself that extra mile to get as much as I could out of every experience or challenge I was faced with.  I began to realise that anything was possible when you put your mind to it.

  • My advice to newly qualified nurses
  • Be humble and kind to yourself
  • You will have ups and downs, but the ups will outweigh the downs
  • Always put yourself in others shoes - being empathetic is the most natural strength you have
  • Act as a role model to others
  • Don’t forget why you became a nurse
  • Well done for getting here
  • This is only the beginning.

What we offer in Gateshead

At Gateshead we provide placements for around 250 student nurses, this continues to grow every year. We promote a positive and encouraging learning environment preparing and nurturing our nurses of the future. We also provide a preceptorship programme to prepare our new nurses and allied health professionals for working life in the NHS.

Education and training has changed hugely over the past 10 years and is constantly developing day by day. Our mentors and educators at Gateshead are the most driven, passionate innovative and engaged staff I know, which makes my job a privileged one. 


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