Operational policies

OP03 Car Park Management
OP04 Charitable Funds Policy
OP06 IT and Information Security Policy
OP07 Completion of Staff Expenses Form
OP11a Private Patients Policy
OP11b Treatment of Overseas Visitors and Asylum Seekers
OP12 Patient Access (Waiting List/Waiting Times) Policy
OP13 Transfer of Care Policy
OP17 Internet Intranet Acceptable Use Policy
OP18 Copying Letters to Patients Policy
OP21 Combined Critical Care Unit Admission and Operational Policy
OP25 Advanced Decisions to Refuse Treatment
OP26 Combined Maternity Community Services Policy on Breastfeeding Policy
OP27 Policy for the development, management and authorisation of policies
OP29 Privacy and Dignity Policy
OP30 Clinical Supervision Policy
OP31 Operational policy for Medical device engineering and library
OP32 Interpreting Policy
OP33 Bed Management, Patient Transfer and Escalation Plan
OP35 Rapid Release of Bodies Policy
OP37 Taxi Policy
OP38 Operating Theatre Performance
OP40 Patient Information Protocol
OP42 Policy for Reporting to External Agencies
OP44 Missing Patient Procedure
OP46 Food Safety and Hygiene
OP48 Lone Worker Policy
OP49 Acute Pain PCA Policy
OP50 Telecommunications Policy
OP51 Integrated Continence Service Policy
OP52 Patient Monies and Property Policy
OP53 Radiation Protection Policy
OP56 Non-Medical Care of the Dying and Deceased Patient Adults and Children
OP57 Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Policy
OP58 Anti Virus Policy
OP59 Clinical Guidelines and Protocols Policy
OP61 Day Surgery Policy
OP63 Media Relations Policy
OP64 Catheter Policy
OP65 Pest Prevention and Control
OP66 Medical Gas Policy
OP67 Clinical Audit Policy
OP70 Use of Entonox Inhalation Analgesia in Children, Young People and Adults
OP71 SMART Policy
OP72 NICE Policy
OP73 New Clinical Interventional Procedure Policy
OP74 Education Audio Visual Policy
OP75a Safeguarding Children Policy
OP75b Safeguarding Children Supervision Policy
OP75c Safeguarding Unborn Babies Policy
OP75d Safeguarding Adults Policy
OP75f  Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy
OP75g Looked After Children and Young People Policy

Looked After Children Guidance

OP76 Acute Reponse Team (ART) Operational Policy
OP77 Web Management Policy
OP78 Internal Audit Process Policy
OP79 Social Media Policy 
OP80 Management of Adult Patients with a Tracheostomy or Laryngectomy
OP81 Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignancy of Undefined Primary Origin Policy
OP82 Policy for the diagnosis and management of Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression
OP83 Directory of Service Management Policy
OP84 Patient Escort Policy 
OP85 Visitors Access Policy 
OP87 Paediatric Patient Transfer Policy
OP88 Electronic Observation (VitalPAC) Policy
OP89 Emergency Prepardness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) Policy 
OP90 Cancer Services Operational Policy
OP91 Preceptorship Policy
OP92 Intravascular Device Policy 
OP93 Reviewing and Learning from Deaths Policy
OP94 Protocal for the use of Epidural Analgesia in Adult Post-Operative Patients and Maternity Patients
OP95 Research and Development Policy
OP96 Safer Nurse Staffing Policy for In-Patient Areas
OP97 Registered Nurse Verification of an Expected Adult Death in Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
OP98 Management of Sudden Unexpected Death in Neonates and Children (0-18yrs)
OP99 Bowel Care Policy for Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction
OP100 Software Asset Management Policy


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