Behind the scenes with patient flow team

Posted on Wed, 07/02/2018 by Silca Morley, Patient Flow Manager

Patient Flow manager

Patient flow is the patient's journey through the hospital; from arrival in A&E, the transfer to a ward then the treatment, tests, surgery, recovery and discharge plan.

The patient flow team identifies the most suitable ward to meet the needs of the patient's illness and we monitor the length of time the patient is in any given department to prevent delays in what we call front of house (FOH), which includes A&E, Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU) and Short Stay wards.

This means we need a regular update of bed availability from each ward and good communication from the bed manager covering the back of house (BOH), ie the wards.  

The Patient Flow Manager covers the whole site ensuring patients are not delayed when discharged from wards to home. We encourage use of the discharge lounge. The team and I identify those patients in most urgent need and use the resources available to accommodate them. The team are all very resourceful at balancing bed availability, identifying patients due home or who can board to free up space for those patients in the Emergency Care Centre.

The job is constant, 24hrs, 365 days a year. Winter is particularly challenging with increased attendances and less availability of care packages in the community to support discharge. All nurses wish to ensure the patient journey is safe, timely and smooth, so supporting flow with a team of specialist nurses and administrators is important to me. The team all work to target specific areas to maximise efficiency.

The patient flow team are really good at what they do and I have so much respect for the role they play. They all go the extra mile to resolve delays and move people safely to accommodate those who are unwell and I wrote this blog to celebrate the difference they make every day.

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