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Radiology pre-assessments

The radiology nurses provide a pre assessment service to patients who are having a procedure performed in radiology. 

A pre assessment is an appointment that you need to attend before you can have certain procedures or x-rays performed.. The reason for this is to make sure that it is safe for you to have the procedure and that all checks have been carried out. It is also important that we know you understand what the procedure/x-ray will involve and that we can answer your questions before your appointment.

Depending on the procedure or x-ray that you are having during your pre assessment we will:

  • Obtain a medical history and details of your current medication from you
  • Record some observations such as your blood pressure, heart rate,  checking your oxygen levels, or asking for a sample of blood
  • Take some swabs to ensure that you don’t carry any infections such as MRSA which can be easily passed on to other patients. Swabs are taken from either your nose, throat or groin unless specified and we ask you to wash with a special antimicrobial wash for five days before certain x-ray procedures. You will be given the wash at your pre assessment appointment.

As we ask about your medical history, it’s a good idea to bring a list of any medication you take, to your appointment. You will be given instructions about what medication you may need to stop taking in the run up to your procedure/ x-ray. Sometimes you will be given additional medication to take before your procedure.

You will always be given written instruction about when to take any additional medication. We know getting yourself prepared for surgery can be an anxious time, but we’re here for you. You can use your pre assessment appointment to talk to our staff about any concerns or worries you have.

The pre assessment nurses are available, during the hours stated below, to give you advice about your appointment. Please contact them on the telephone number below.

Is there any preparation for the procedure?

The radiology nurses are able to provide you with information about this. They will discuss this with you but can also give you a leaflet to take home. Your appointment letter will also tell you about any preparation that is needed.

When is the pre assessment service available?

The pre assessment nurses are available Monday to Friday 09.00 –17.00, their telephone details are 01914453260. There is an ansa-machine on this number and the nurse will return your call as soon as possible if you leave a message.

Where is the radiology pre assessment department?

The radiology pre assessment department is next to the main radiology department waiting area. Please come to the radiology reception desk for your appointment and they will inform the nurse that you have arrived.

How long will my pre assessment take?

This varies depending on the procedure that you are being pre assessed for but normally this is between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Do I need to bring someone with me?

It is not necessary to bring anyone with you but if you prefer to do so that is fine.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my pre assessment appointment?

Please bring a list of your medications with you. If you have been sent a questionnaire to complete please bring that with you.

Can you just leave a message on my answering machine?

We are unable to leave messages on your answering machine unless you have previously given us your permission due to confidentiality issues.

How do I get information leaflets?

The nurse at pre assessment will give you an information leaflet. They are also available by clicking here.

Call us on 0191 482 0000

In emergencies dial 999 / Non-emergencies dial 111

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