Acute Oncology Service

The Acute Oncology Service provides support to cancer patients who are acutely unwell and have been admitted to hospital due to complications of their cancer, a suspected cancer, or due to their cancer treatment.

About the service

The Acute Oncology Team includes a Nurse Consultant, Nurse Practitioner, and Cancer Care coordinators who are experienced in the care of cancer patients.

Our team works closely with the medical, nursing, and oncology specialist teams to provide assessment, advice, and support. We help to coordinate and streamline care during hospital admission to help facilitate an early discharge whenever possible.

What does the Acute Oncology team do?

The Acute Oncology Team helps to coordinate the care of patients who are attending hospital with a new or suspected cancer diagnosis known as a CUP (Cancer of unknown primary).

The team will offer a point of contact for information, support, and advice for patients and their families or carers whilst they are undergoing initial investigations (tests). If a specific type of cancer is confirmed further ongoing care and support will be transferred to a designated cancer specialist team.

Services we offer

  • Provision of support and advice to staff on management of cancer-related emergencies and complications of cancer treatments. 
  • Help improve the quality of care provided and coordinate tests/procedures needed to reduce time spent in hospital. 
  • To help avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital. 
  • Arrange appropriate and timely referrals to other specialists when required. 
  • Provide support and advice to GP’s and other healthcare professionals looking after cancer patients in the community.

How to contact the service

Switchboard 0191 482 0000
Answerphone 0191 445 5751

Service opening times

The Acute Oncology team is based at the QE Hospital site and is open Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm.