Ear, Nose and Throat

We offer various services relating to ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems including hearing impairments.

About the service

At Gateshead, we offer various services relating to ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems including hearing impairments.

Patients are referred here normally from their GPs.

Depending on what your problem is you will be treated by a consultant ENT surgeon and their team, a specialist nurse practitioner or a member of the audiology team.

Services at the QE are provided for adults and children on an outpatient basis. 

All surgery for adults and children is provided at Sunderland Royal Hospital whose consultants support our clinics.

Our department is based next the main hospital cafe The Hub, at entrance C.

Services we offer

Our ENT services include:

Head and Neck

Treatment of cancers of the mouth, nose, throat and glands in the neck. A well-established Unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital provides services to the QE ENT Outpatient Department. Any treatments required will be carried out there. You can read more about the process here


Treatment of ear problems such hearing loss, dizziness, inflammation, infection, perforated eardrums, foreign bodies and mastoid infection.


Treatment of problems with the nose and sinuses, including infections, allergies and inflammations causing congestion and runny noses.


For voice disorders and snoring problems, providing analysis for these complex disorders.

Facial plastic surgery

Management of facial deformity and cosmetic facial surgery such as rhinoplasty and pinnaplasty / otoplasty.

Paediatric (children’s) ENT

Offering expertise in general paediatric issues such as tonsils, adenoids and grommet surgery, as well as management of more complex problems including airway difficulties and tumours of the head and neck.

Upper respiratory tract allergies


Specializing in management of disorders of balance and hearing associated with the nerves to the organs of balance and hearing.

Some procedures can be performed during your appointment in the ENT Outpatient Department, to assist with any treatment required. See a list of procedures.

How to contact the service

Telephone 0191 445 2532