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Speech therapy services (children)

We provide comprehensive services for children and young people (CYP) in Gateshead, who have difficulties with speech, language and communication (SLC) and/or eating, drinking or swallowing (EDS) difficulties. 

About this service

The Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) service aims to:

  • Maximise the communication potential of children and young people aged 0-19 years with speech, language and communication needs.

  • Provide assessment and support to families to ensure their child can maintain safe and effective eating, drinking and swallowing to ensure healthy growth and wellbeing.

  • Work closely with the child/young person, their family, relevant professionals and external agencies to nurture social integration and promote independence.

There are 2 clinical teams within this service.  The Community Paediatric Team work with children and young people presenting with communication disorders including speech sound difficulties, the understanding and use of spoken language, stammering, social communication and voice disorders.  The Special Needs Team work across four main areas; pre-school children with additional and complex needs, Gateshead Special Schools, Hearing Impairment and also provide assessment and intervention for children with feeding/swallowing difficulties. SLTs also within the Special Needs Team work as part of Gateshead’s Child Development Team and Feeding Clinics.

What you can expect from this service

Families will receive a letter confirming that their referral has been received.  They will then be sent a further letter inviting them to contact the Department to arrange an initial assessment appointment.   

The Community Paediatric team carry out initial assessments are carried out within local clinics and Health Centres, and the Special Needs Team carry out initial in the patient home or as part of a multidisciplinary assessment within the Gateshead Child Development Team.

At the end of your first assessment session the SLT will advise you of the recommended pathway of support for your child.  Further appointments may be provided in a range of settings including clinics/health centres, patients homes, mainstream & special schools and early years settings.  Families will receive a written report and strategies to support the child at home following assessments and periods of intervention.

Who is in the team?

The Teams are made up of qualified SLTs and Assistants.  Team SLT’s have an extensive range of knowledge, skills and experience, including specialist interests in areas such as Paediatric eating and drinking difficulties, Autism, Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Developmental Language Disorder, Speech disorders, Hearing Impairment, Early Years, Dysfluency, Selective Mutism, and Voice disorders. 

Age range covered


Eligibity Criteria

Children and young people registered with a Gateshead GP.

How to be seen by this service

A Speech and Language Therapy referral form can be returned by post or e-mail.  For dysphagia (eating and drinking) issues, a specific referral form must be completed and returned by post or email.  Contact the service on 0191 445 6667. for information.

**If your child is referred to the Child Development Team and there are concerns documented regarding your child’s speech, language and communication, this referral will also act as a referral to the Department of Speech and Language.

When is this service available?

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm

Call us on 0191 482 0000

In emergencies dial 999 / Non-emergencies dial 111

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